Franklin Garrett Atlanta Necrology Database

About the Garrett Necrology Database

Franklin Garrett?s Necrology is a genealogical resource for white men from the metropolitan Atlanta area, twenty-one years of age or older, who died between 1857 and 1931. Women listed in the necrology are mentioned in reference to their male counterparts. Garrett surveyed over 750 cemeteries or gravesites in greater Atlanta. Biographical information from each of the 163,000 white men included in the Necrology was derived from Atlanta City Directories, Atlanta and DeKalb newspaper obituaries, census records, estate records, wills, death records, and cemetery surveys. His research is compiled in abstracts on thirty-seven rolls of microfilm housed in the Kenan Research Center?s Goldstein Reading Room. This database is an index of those abstracts.

Searches are conducted by last name and first name. The last name must be a complete last name. The first name field is optional, and allows the use of the percent symbol (%) as a wildcard for partial first name matching. The table below shows some possible searches:

To See These Results Search For
All entries for last name Richards

Last Name: Richards
First Name: [blank]

All entries for James Richards

Last Name: Richards
First Name: James

All entries for last name Richards, and a first name starting with J Last Name: Richards
First Name: J%

The program generates a list of matches for the names entered, and the id number links to the microfilm roll number and frame number on which the abstract appears. If available, birth and death dates for the person may appear.

A guide is available in the Goldstein Reading Room for records not indexed on the computer. This guide contains a list of cemeteries surveyed by Garrett with corresponding microfilm frame locations.

Copies of documents recorded on the Garrett Necrology microfilm are provided to researchers for a service fee of $12.50 per name.

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